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e-Achievers Infotech Group was established by three youngsters of Deogiri College, Auranagabad in 2006. e-Achievers Infotech Group was established to provide professional Internet and Software solution in Domestic as well as International market.

Mr. Subodh S. Jadhav, Mr. Hrishikesh S. Bhavsar and Mr. Rushikesh B. Deshmukh possess a genius' mind as a founder of the e-Achievers InfoTech Group so with in a short span of 2 years since they began the e-business they have come a long way in terms of growth, planning and perception. Effective cost with powerfull application is one of the great feature of e-Achievers Infotech Group.

e-Achievers Info-Tech Group provides consulting services to the Customer relating to the creation or modification of a Website and web based applications . The specific nature of the services to be provided by e-Achievers Info-Tech Group will be as specified by client . e-Achievers Info-Tech Group will make available to the Customer all knowledge, information and expertise in its possession in performing the Services. If the Customer wishes e-Achievers Info-Tech Group to perform any services other than those specified in the Schedule (including without limitation to provide any additional functionality) or to provide further or other Products or software, then e-Achievers shall be entitled to quote the Customer separately for the provision of those services or the provision of those products or software


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