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Mr. Subodh S. Raje Jadhav (Director)

Mr.Subodh S. Raje Jadhav, Director e-Achievers Infotech Web Achiever

Subodh has experiance in Software Development and Web Technologis.He handles consultancy services, Search Engine Optimization for websites(SEO) as well as maintenance of portal. He has sound knowledge of software development tool like VB & handles database programming. He is also expert in web technologies like DHTML, Scripting languages such as java script, VB Script, ASP, flash and graphic development softwares.
He won prizes in many competitions like National Level Technical Championship "Mind Spark 08" organised by College of Engineering Pune, VESIT’s Praxis “Weave the Web” held at Vivekanad Education Socitey's Institue of Technology, Mumbai (year 2007 as well as 2008), Army Institute of Technologies “Cyber Space” held in Pune, Selected in first 5 projects of I2IT’s web-project competition.

Contact: +91-9860444470

Mr. Raman R. Joshi

Mr. Raman R. Joshi Marketing Achiever

Raman has experience in marketing, advertising, sales, and business development. He is head of Marketing and Communications for firm acts as managing principal, and chief strategist. His experience enables him to see the changing demand for marketing services and prepares him to build a firm that responds to what customers are demanding now – measurable results and lower costs.


Mr. Hrishikesh S. Bhavsar

Mr.Hrishikesh S. Bhavsar JAVA Achiever

He also has sound knowledge of software development using VB, JAVA. He manages all our training programs. He works in website development using DHTML & Java Script.


Mr.Rushikesh B. Deshmukh

Mr.Rushikesh B. Deshmukh Mangement Achiever

He is an analyst of our team & manages all relevant information for development. He handles critical situations like databases, softwares and web applications.



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